Wool; is it really the best type of carpet?

Wool carpet samples close up

In this months nerdy furniture mag, (which yes I read every month, its more interesting than you think honest!!) I read an article on wool carpets

Manmade fibre carpet is big business these days, gone ore the days of static and shiny, its all anti fade and bleach cleanable……

Horror…. Wool Carpets!! Surely that is just not the best floor covering in this day and age?

In my opinion I just happen to like wool carpets and they are so beneficial to our environment and due to their biodegradable properties really quite eco friendly too.

We live in a throw away society, we change our minds or redecorate every other year, (chance would be a fine thing!) style trends change every season and we just have to keep up.

When you choose to purchase a wool carpet, in my eyes your choosing a natural look and for longevity a very hardwearing floor covering, not for changing on a decor whim.  With a huge array of natural colours with twist or textured finishes there is a style to suit every taste.

You would not believe the long list of benefits to having wool carpets, I shall share……

Strong and resilient, the natural crimp of wool offers valuable bounce back so that pile compression is resisted and the effects of tracking and shading are reduced.

Wool is a natural fibre which has a built in resistance to dirt due to natural oils and outer surface of microscopic scales.  Simply vacuuming your carpet regularly will keep it looking good.  Tthe oils make it naturally fire resistant, in

Due to the natural oils, wool will initially repel a spill, this is why liquid will look like a bubble on the surface for a few minutes, just be quick!! white kitchen towels or absorbant cloth is all you need, keep a ready supply to hand under the kitchen sink, you never know.

Wool carpet absorbs sound and in turn cushions your rooms against echo and room to room noise transfer. It naturally adds warmth too by acting as an insulator improving heat retention and energy efficiency.  Also due to its soft feel it can also cushion falls and tumbles by your little ones or older members of the family.

Wool is naturally fire resistant and tests show that because of its slow ignition rate it is self extinguishing within seconds.  Because of this it is favoured in contract locations as it meets many safety regulations without needing any additional treatment

Its also Hypo-allergenic due to the minute scales on the fibre surface that hold dust particles until you hoover, which in turn also lessens loose particles being in the air.

So which do you prefer wool carpet or man-made ….decisions decisions

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